Dietmar Wehr's "The Synchronicity War" Series

The Iceman Cometh
Not to put too fine a point on it, I absolutely loved this series.

Dietmar Wehr's 'The Synchronicity War' Series Military science fiction (the author refers to it as Space Opera which I think of as something slightly different) is a difficult beast to get right and there are few authors who have achieved it IMO (Jay Allan, Jack Campbell, Ben Slythe and Scott Gier are my favourite science fiction authors at present and I think I can add Dietmar Wehr to that list).

The books were truly excellent with nice pacing and battles placed almost strategically at the right point and, as the reader, I not only got truly involved with the story but came to care quite deeply for several of the characters my favourite being Iceman (I won't say who he is for fear of spoilers).

The first book of the series was (still is, I think) free on Amazon and I would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who likes this genre or science fiction in general but there is also an omnibus edition costing slightly less than the subsequent three books if bought separately. All I can say is, when I read a book like this, I can honestly say I'm happy to pay for the further instalments.

As an author and avid reader, I can only say, "Bravo Mr Wehr, more please!"


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