Thea Sharrock's "Me Before You" (DVD) [2016]

Thea Sharrock's Ditzy Lou (Emelia Clarke) Is Entrancing!
A young shop girl loses her job but gets the chance to care for a once very active young man who is now quadriplegic. If you're one of those who sneer at Rom Coms, you'll hate this but if, like me, you take films for what they are, you'll probably like it!

Archived Reviews

Jasper T Scott's "Excelsior" ("New Frontiers" Series)

Jasper T Scott's A Few Flaws But Generally Very Good
I enjoyed this book but I felt that the twist in the story effectively stole from me what I was enjoying.

Dietmar Wehr's "System States Rebellion" Series

Dietmar Wehr's And Then They Blew Them Up, The End
By and large I enjoyed it but I have to say I thought the ending was rather flat, almost a non-ending; the story just seemed to fade away almost like "and they lived happily ever after" with no real explanation.

BV Larson's "Star Force Series"

BV Larson's Oh No! More Macros!
Started well and were certainly well written but eventually they just got that little bit boring and felt predictable.

Dietmar Wehr's "The Synchronicity War" Series

Dietmar Wehr's The Iceman Cometh
Excellent with nice pacing and battles placed almost strategically at the right point; as an author and avid reader, I can only say, "Bravo Mr Wehr, more please!"

David Simpson's "Post-Human Omnibus"

David Simpson's A Few Flaws But Generally Very Good
The main characters seem too simplistic and lack depth with stories that remind me of older science fiction and fantasy pulp fiction inasmuch as they feel like a written version of a comic strip; largely unimpressed.

Nancy Holder's & Jeff Mariotte's "Unseen: The Burning"

Nancy Holder's & Jeff Mariotte's Sorry Nancy, Sorry Jeff But, "No, Thank You!"
It needed to reflect the characters, their humour, their smart-aleck teenage quips, the insight into teenage angst that the series did so wonderfully; unfortunately, this book doesn't.


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