'Stars, Hide Your Fires' Is Finally Published

After far too long, my first book has been published and is available in various eBook formats as well as a dead tree (paperback) format. Clearly, it's the best novel ever written and will, before too long, become the fabled Hollywood best seller ... er ... about that ...

'Stars, Hide Your Fires' Front Cover But I digress ... I created a document (SHYF Notice), a sort of advert, so if you feel like posting it up places (it can be printed half size if it's too large) or otherwise spreading the word, I will be forever in your debt :)

If you are tempted by a copy, eBooks can be bought from the usual places (Amazon globally, Apple etc.) and the paperback version from my publisher, Fiction4All using the links below. Signed copies can be obtained directly from me which, for the UK at least, won't cost you anything more except some additional postage. I hope to be attending some conventions next year (I'll post up here) so that will be another opportunity to buy signed copies.

'Stars, Hide Your Fires' Front Cover The book is available from the following sites: .

It's also available from the iTunes Store.

Thanks for reading.

James C. Rocks, Author ("The Abyssal Void" Series)

Buy my first book, "Stars Hide Your Fires":
Amazon UK
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