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It may have come to your attention that I've written a book, just one. These days, that seems like a pitiful amount of writing but there you go, I have other things to do and when I'm not I am, I admit, inordinately lazy.

Free Stuff
As things stand I am on the second draft of book 2 of my "Abyssal Void Wars" trilogy (I am planning to call it, "Let Slip The Dogs Of War", you may notice a theme) and I am also working on a cooperative project with a friend and fellow author, details to be released at a future opportune point. I'll get there, perhaps a little too slow for some but, in my defence, not as slow as George RR Martin's recent progress.

It may be worthy of note, albeit not much, that I have written things for quite sometime before this, short stories, cooperative crossovers where others wrote chapters in a long running story. So, in addition to a sample of my first book, I include here some of my earlier work for your delectation, education and, as bad as much of it surely is, dismissal. I also include some work by fellow authors :)

*** James C Rocks ***

Stars, Hide Your Fires
Stars, Hide Your Fires (The Abyssal Void War, Book 1)
Kindle Version  *  EPUB Version
The End of Friendship (2015)
The Fall & Rise Of The Colonial Empire (2000)
Recall Notice (1999)

*** Ben Slythe ***

*** The Strandel Series ***
The Cruise of the Huntress
The Battle of the Mari Roads
The Sirius Affair

Wavemaker (a cyberpunk murder mystery)

War Machine
The Last Man in Space

*** Terry Bisson ***

(reproduced with kind permission of the author)
They're Made Out of Meat


Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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