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It may have come to your attention that I've written a book, just one. These days, that seems like a pitiful amount of writing but there you go, I have other things to do and when I'm not I am, I admit, inordinately lazy.

Free Stuff
As things stand I am on the second draft of book 2 of my "Abyssal Void Wars" trilogy (I am planning to call it, "Let Slip The Dogs Of War", you may notice a theme) and I am also working on a cooperative project with a friend and fellow author, details to be released at a future opportune point. I'll get there, perhaps a little too slow for some but, in my defence, not as slow as George RR Martin's recent progress.

It may be worthy of note, albeit not much, that I have written things for quite sometime before this, short stories, cooperative crossovers where others wrote chapters in a long running story. So, in addition to a sample of my first book, I include here some of my earlier work for your delectation, education and, as bad as much of it surely is, dismissal. I also include some work by fellow authors :)

*** James C Rocks ***

Stars, Hide Your Fires
Stars, Hide Your Fires (The Abyssal Void War, Book 1)
Kindle Version  *  EPUB Version
The End of Friendship (2015)
The Fall & Rise Of The Colonial Empire (2000)
Recall Notice (1999)

*** Ben Slythe ***

*** The Strandel Series ***
The Cruise of the Huntress
The Battle of the Mari Roads
The Sirius Affair

Wavemaker (a cyberpunk murder mystery)

War Machine
The Last Man in Space

*** Terry Bisson ***

(reproduced with kind permission of the author)
They're Made Out of Meat


Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.

Jules Verne (A Journey to the Center of the Earth)

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