The Ascendancy of Dawn

The Ascendancy of Dawn, more commonly known as Akatsu, are the physically distant ally of The Geist and Valentians, and hail from a trinary star system once known as Rigil Kentaurus. Akatsu is the primary star and hosts the inhabited planets, Hiroshi and Hayashi whose inhabitants call their primary "The Daylight Sun", its Akatsu name literally translating to "Dawn".

Hiroshi is an ocean covered world with less than twelve percent land surface and is home to the Emperor's Palace and The Extent's first floating city, Yori. Hayashi is an Earth-like but rocky planet. The Kodomo system hosts the inhabited planets, Hattori and Higuchi. It is the secondary star of the Akatsu trinary system, often called "The Midnight Brother", its name translating to "Child". The third system of the trinary star system has no planets at all but a large number of asteroids ranging up to a hundred kilometres in diameter. The system primary is a small red dwarf and, since there are no inhabitants, no system gate was ever built.

The Akatsu have been expanding in recent decades, primarily into Tayjekan territory. The Tayjekan system of Ainu hosts the inhabited planets Kuan and Liao, the latter dominated by Port Lüshun, a once Kochevnik orbital defence platform. The system borders the northern side of the Abyssal Void and is considered an important mineral supplier for the resource hungry Akatsu systems. With the exception of Boxer, the Qing system is dominated by the Pax Ereban nations and, in particular, Saxonia. The system is considered a gateway to the area north of the Abyssal Void and the Skean and hosts four colonised planets, Taiping, Boxer, Nian and An-Shi. An-Shi has two Saxon bases, Port Temasek on the moon Temasek and Sai Kung ODP in orbit around its moon of the same name. Boxer is ruled by The Akatsu but, as yet, no hostile moves have been made against other planets in the system.


It really seems to me that in the midst of great tragedy, there is always the possibility that something terribly funny will happen.

Philip K Dick

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