The Skean Republic

The Solar System, the birthplace of humanity and the ancestral home of every human across known space, has more populated planets and moons than any other system. More than half the human race still live on Earth and a further ten percent are spread throughout the system. Sol's people, the moon included, are a homogeneous mix of racial and national types but most of the colonised planets and moons have specific racial or national biases.

The Skean alliance is composed of Saxonia, Ayra, Kanata, Darug and Wayata a total of twenty planets across ten systems. Although something of a fading power, the Skean Republic remains the most powerful alliance in The Extent. xxxxArticleTitlexxx The Skean Republic is, perhaps, the most powerful alliance in The Extent and Saxonia, the capital system of both Saxonia and the republic, hosts two inhabited planets, New Albion and Mercia. The Saxon capital city/state is Attlee on New Albion and the system, some thirty-five light years from Earth, was originally called Ross 165A. Saxonia is separated from its Pax Ereben neighbours by a ten-light-year wide strip of empty space known as The Saxon Passage. The Saxonians effectively "closed" the passage during the Simerian-Lacuna War to reduce the Geist's capability to attack them.

The Brython system, bordered by the Lacuna Schism, hosts one inhabited planet, Elmet. The Alba system hosts two inhabited planets, Braeriach and Cairngorm, and is famed for its whiskey which it exports all over The Extent. Alba is also home to The Wolfpack, a Skean naval base, based in the system's asteroid belt, that was once thought to be "impregnable". The Camelod system host the single inhabited planet of Aelwyd-Byd which has a population of just over two million most of whom are engaged in farming. There is some light industry but, with the relatively scarcity of heavier elements on the planet, the system also has almost one hundred thousand asteroid miners. The Arya system is famous for being the first extra solar planet to be visited by hyperspace but the third to be added to the hyperspace network. Arya hosts the inhabited planets, St. Patrick, Danu and Morrigan and is physically the closest Saxonian home territory to the UCS territories, separated from them only by the hundred-light-year wide area of empty space known as The Simerian Abyss.

Yinta, situated on the far side of The Extent from Saxonia, was originally a Saxon penal colony but is now populated by the Daruga. It hosts two colonised planets, Koonalda and Hartog. Daruga also dominates two of the three colonised planets in the Jarnarti system, Yalta Kalyu and Parna Karla but the third planet is the Wayatan Homeworld, Wayata.


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