Kiyo Matsuyama

Kiyo Matsuyama ("Kiki") is a Bunrui Jigyōbu specialist and, to society in general, a wealthy socialite.

She was born on April 21st, 2763 in Yori, Hiroshi and is 30 standard years old (just over 25 Hiroshan). She is the first child of Yori Matsuyama and Kiya Utsubo-Matsuyama, two of Hiroshi's most famous entrepreneurs before their deaths in 2781 and 2788 respectively. She is one-quarter LaVie (on her mother's side).

Kiyo Matsuyama Her face is oval in shape and she has a faint scar running from her lower jaw to her neck. Her skin is light brown and her hair, which she keeps short, is black although she typically uses a PA controllable hair colourant. Her eyes are light brown with gold flecks, she has fairly full lips and an attractive nose. At 1.75 metres, she is taller than most Akatsu with a slight but fit build and weighs in at around 75 kilos. Her general health is excellent, she tends to eat well and, swimming using her personal gymnasium whenever possible, she is well-toned, tending towards muscular.

Whilst her native accent is clearly Akatsu, slightly nasal as well as fast and confusing for most outsiders, she can affect many other Extent accents. She is well-spoken and obviously educated and tends to stay fairly calm and measured in most situations, however, she can get stressed under pressure especially when her views are challenged and she is on the defensive. Her speech pattern indicates that she thinks about what she says before she says it and her demeanour is usually calm, almost remote. When relaxing around others, her behaviour tends to be very controlled, except when in verbal combat with others indeed, some have said she reminds them of a coiled snake poised to strike. Although she can control it, some have said that her face will freeze momentarily as she considers her next move or sentence.

She has two siblings, Shiro and her half-sister, Aiko Anansi, her late father's child following an affair he had with a young woman a year before the birth of his son. Aiko's mother is also dead from a drug's overdose, a month after her affair with Yori ended. Evidence available to Kiyo as a Bunrui agent has led her to the conclusion that her parent's deaths were not accidental and that somehow her brother is responsible. As a result, she has not spoken to her brother for many years, leaving him to run the companies his father left for him. She knows Shiro does not feel the same since he mounted a legal challenge to overturn their mother's will and, since Kiyo's return to claim her inheritance, has sent a number of assassins.

Her companion and constant protector is a genetically modified animal derived from Panthera onca stock... a highly intelligent and specially trained black panther that Matsuyama named Jira. She has reached out to her half-sister and now regards her family as, herself, Aiko and Jira.

In her guise of society rich bitch, something she finds more than embarrassing at times, she is selfish, narcissistic and pleasure-seeking. She dresses extremely well and wears expensive jewellery but in her more normal "work" role she dresses more casually and wears relatively little jewellery. When relaxing she is casual to the point of scruffiness and when wandering the city incognito, she tends to cover up in an almost ethnically Pashan fashion.

Despite her public persona as an elite "rich bitch", she is socially aware and philanthropic. She anonymously sponsors several charities including the Global Animal Protection Society ("GAPS") and the Poverty Hiroshi action group ("pH"). She has been quietly buying up slum properties across the planet, often in whole blocks, renovating them and leasing them back to responsible landlords in an attempt to alleviate poverty in their areas. She wholly owns several Hiroshi islands where she tries to oppose human encroachment on wildlife areas.

Her early childhood was happy but changed for the worse as her father began to favour his son over her despite the fact that she had always demonstrated the greater capacity to learn, to lead and to manage assets which caused huge rows between her parents. At the age of fifteen, eighteen standard Galactic, Kiyo left home and eventually joined Akatsu's Bunrui Jigyōbu training as a spy and assassin, severing all but the most minimal contact with her family... she sent occasional messages to her mother who she swore to secrecy). When her father died, leaving his entire estate to her younger brother, she helped her mother's legal challenge remotely as she challenged her late husband's will in court. Winning back that part of the company she had largely built, her mother rebranded her new company calling it Matsuyama-Utsubo Systems Inc. (MUSI) and building it into the information technology and financial super-corporation it is today. Her mother's will left Kiyo her entire estate but, with Kiyo apparently missing since her fifteenth birthday, her brother set into motion a legal challenge to their mother's will, claiming Kiyo was missing, presumed dead. She had turned up in the court on the day the judgement was to be granted in his favour and had earned herself little but his hatred. As a result, she is independently extremely wealthy, owning sixty-seven percent of MUSI, Matsuyama Tower in its entirety and a large number of properties across the planet. She leases herself the best penthouse apartment in the tower, a two-floor apartment, the largest available. MUSI owns Matsuyama Plaza and a number of other Hiroshi properties including two independent properties on Utsubo Island, the Hiroshi science museum as well as several institutional buildings in the city outskirts and across the planet.

Matsuyama is something of a loner and has relatively few friends. With one exception, despite having an excellent working relationship with those in her team, she rarely socialises with work colleagues. Her closest friend is ten-year-old Jira who lives with her and was her partner during her days as an assassin. The closest thing she has to best friends outside that relationship, are Riku Deshimaru and her adopted half-sister Aiko Anansi who she refers to as "AA".

Her penthouse has two floors, perhaps twenty-five metres in diameter and each floor has five fifteen by ten-metre nacelles on each floor. Matsuyama rarely uses the upper floor, except as a specialist training area and a place where her companion, Jira, can run more easily but instead uses the lower floor as her home. The lower floor nacelles are used as a guest accommodation, a study/workshop and library, a kitchen/diner, her master bedroom and an entertainment room with the inter-nacelle spaces used for toileting, a gym, a garage and general storage. The central area is the main lounge and connects to all areas including the main entrance as well as the apartment balcony which hosts a small garden area as well as a swimming pool that connects to the gym.

In her guise of the wealthy socialite, she has had a number of relationships but, food for the media combines, has never remained in one for more than a week. She intensely dislikes her brother but otherwise generally doesn't care what people think of her activities. AA and Jira are the closest things she has to confidants and Jira gets told a lot more, particularly about her past and she is utterly loyal to the few friends she has. She would like to travel The Extent more widely and, in her guise of a wealthy socialite, has travelled all over the Akatsu systems. She has no current plans to live anywhere but Yori.

No longer working as an assassin she now works for one of Bunrui Jigyōbu's, Kagaku-sha Chīmu (Science Team) in Yori, known to the local team as YoSci. As part of that team, she functions as a sort of facilitator cum project manager, a role she enjoys and finds challenging. She has no particular love for authority but still greatly respects and admires her team leader, Colonel Rikuto Jinaka.

As both employee and landlord to the Hiroshi based agency, she has agreed to give the Yori ABJ/HKC teams permanent use of Matsuyama Tower's 188th and 189th floors just below the 190th-floor HeliPad for a nominal fee and, although she gets paid for what she does, being independently wealthy means that salary is no longer the driving force behind her continued interest in the role.

Hiroshi has a twenty-six-hour day and Matsuyama sleeps about eight hours a night (usually from eleven until seven), exercises, eats & showers for an hour or so then walks the city for a while before returning to her apartment around fifteen minutes before she starts work at ten.

She was educated at a private school on Kyushu island but was fortunate enough to be able to return at weekends. The school was girls only, perhaps the best on the planet in academic terms but she never completed her education, leaving home aged 15. Most of her higher education including physical was undertaken in ABJs specialist training facilities. She has no criminal record and has earned no known civic awards. Her most personal loss was the death of her mother but she wasn't there when she died.

She is not particularly extrovert and it is hard to assess her agreeability since she generally keeps to herself. She is, however, trustworthy in the sense that if she says she will do something she will ensure she does do it or give a full account of why that thing cannot be done. She is, by nature, fairly empathic and altruistic but her training as an assassin has hardened her and trained her mentally to be more detached in her work. When engaged with a task or mission she is utterly conscientious and disciplined descending into an almost automaton-like mode focussing completely on the task at hand and especially so when in combat. When in that zone, she pushes any negative emotions (anxiousness, anger, self-consciousness etc.) as well as her native compassion and sympathy to another place in her mind and buries it. In normal life, she is fairly open to experience, loves to read, go to the theatre, to sports, to watch movies and she engages in some moderately extreme sports her favourite being orbital sky surfing.

Her greatest issue appears to be one of trust. She simply will not allow herself to be betrayed by anyone (as she feels she was by both her father and brother) again. Despite that she highly values her closest friends and her half-sister Aiko Anansi who she considers her one remaining family member. She is successful in her professional work, has a clear sense of what she believes to be right and wrong and, whilst she has no need to actively seek status or wealth, she has a clear sense of duty and approaches her goals with a sense of careful, cautious optimism. She will work actively to protect those most closely associated with her and is generally fairly calm in a crisis.

She has had relatively few sexual partners and has yet to experience what she considers a true romance. She is philosophical about romance, not given to crushes and believes that a permanent relationship would be built on mutual commitment rather than love at first sight. Her sexual behaviour is fairly restrained and conventional but she believes that is more because of her lack of experience rather than anything else. She has had many people attempt to date her but has rejected most of them because she believes they are motivated by greed rather than a real interest in her.

Her personal influences include 16th-century warlord, Oda Nobunaga, who reunified Japan and 19th-century Emperor Meiji who presided over Japan's evolution to world power. She has no particular hatreds but is somewhat contemptuous of the weaker Akatsu emperors and the Kublai Khan who invaded Japan in the 13th-century. Matsuyama reads a lot in her spare time and finds the writings of 16th-17th century Japanese samurai and Sumi-e artist, Miyamoto Musashi (especially his strategy book "The Book of Five Rings") influential. She also likes to read about Itō Hirobumi, ex-Samurai and the first Japanese Prime Minister.

She is most comfortable in the company of her close friend Jira as well as her half-sister Aiko Anansi and friend and colleague Riku Deshimaru.

Matsuyama is culturally religious (Kami-no-Michi) but doesn't believe in fate or spirituality and, politically, she is fairly liberal in her viewpoint. She realises she has prejudices but tends to recognise them and actively (intelligently) works to oppose them. She considers herself a cynical optimist... she also considers that an oxymoron.

Matsuyama's personal strengths are that she is both intuitive and intelligent. She keeps herself extremely fit, exercising for at least an hour most days. Perhaps her greatest weakness is her optimism, that she always prefers to see the best in people and is so often disappointed. Though she'll rarely admit it she privately wants her own family, children and a husband she can trust, perhaps even love. Outside of that, she believes it is her duty to help her nation achieve its "destiny" in the galaxy even if she doesn't know what that destiny is.

Matsuyama has no great fears as such but she does sometimes worry that she might one day become irrelevant. She is fairly self-critical even though she understands that many people find her attractive both as possible friends or lovers. She believes that most of these people are interested in her because of her wealth. Indeed, it is her wealth that is her greatest embarrassment although she gives generously to a number of charities and institutions. There are times when she regrets not being born to a less wealthy family but does her best to address that by being philanthropic.

Matsuyama's favourite foods are Zuìzhōng or Akatsu in origin although recent she has acquired a taste for Vishnu dishes. She tends to drink white spirits as shots, as well as Saki and champagne. She likes to read, her favourites being Akatsu and Old Earth Japanese authors and the majority of the books she reads are non-fiction. She does, however, possesses hardback, printed and illustrated copies of many of the books of Jules Verne including "Journey to the Centre of the Earth", "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", "A Floating City", "Around the World in Eighty Days" and "The Mysterious Island". She prefers older films especially old Earth early black and whites and loves to go to the theatre and opera where she always has a private box. She enjoys watching tennis and various gymnastics oriented sports and sometimes shows an interest in martial arts competitions in part because she finds the rule-bound style so vastly different from her own. Her favourite colour is purple and she rarely "hangs out" anywhere public except in her "rich bitch" persona where she goes to the most popular bars and clubs. Her favourite quote is by Dogen, "If you cannot find the truth within yourself, where else do you expect to find it?


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